wasd or dpad for movement

k or B for jumping

j or A to shoot fireballs

[ENTER] to start

This game was made for the practice circle game jam. The game jam lasted a month but I made this game in a week (Because I joined late into the jam, and scrapped my first idea of a rouge-like). This was made using the GB studio visual scripting engine, and is an action platformer (which is more like megaman) for the gameboy. You can download the rom file here, or you can run it in your browser just fine. If there's any bugs message me on itch, because there probably is a lot since this is my first game here lol. Can't put any music because putting music in gb studio is hard, and I have to meet the time constraints, anyways here is my game play it, rate it, and give constructive criticisms as I am open to suggestions and might update this in the future.


rom.zip 41 kB


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This is pretty good well done!

Love the art style, it’s remind me the Gameboy :)

Its actually a gameboy rom, you can download the rom below and run it in an emulator or even flash it on a cartridge and run it on real hardware!

I don’t have see it sorry :) i’m gonna try it !