This game was made for the Major game jam with the theme: Retro and with the limitation of 96 x 96 pixel Resolution. It was made using the GB studio game engine, and has a downloadable rom for the gameboy. Yes, that means you can play it on original hardware! This game follows a boy whose gameboy has been confiscated from him, it's up to you to guide him to his gameboy while avoiding being caught.

Controls: [ENTER]: Start [WASD]: Move


Confiscated!.zip 43 kB

Install instructions

Download the for the rom of the game, and play it in your Gameboy emulator, or flash it to a real flashcart


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It's a good game but some guidance at the beginning would be nice since you don't know what each thing does. You find out quickly but still.

Thanks! Will keep this in mind


Awesome little game, i love it (and i'd love to see this idea being made into a bigger game, maybe??????)